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Virtues of Hajj (Fadail e Hajj)

Virtues of Hajj (Fadail e Hajj)

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By Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadith, Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kaandelwi(RA)

Publisher: Waterval Islamic Institute, South Africa

About the book:

  • A book for mental preparation and encouragement for the spiritual journey. No Haji should ever proceed to Makkah without having been made aware of the contents of this exceedingly valuable book.
  • Today Hajj has become commercialized. Very often there is more show and custom attached to it than feeling and spiritual benefits. It has become fashionable to be a haji, and with Makkah so near to our homes as a result of air travel, thousands more are proceeding to Hajj. But in spite of all this, we witness very little enduring spiritual gain.

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