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Rules of A Muslim Home

Rules of A Muslim Home

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Publisher: Jamiatul Ulama Talimi Board,South Africa

About the book:

  • An excellent booklet outlining some simple and basic rules of the Muslim home. It aims to make every dwelling a Maskan, filled with peace and contentment.
  • In the present era of trials and tribulations, with evil and fitnah surrounding us in every direction, there is no better sanctuary for a Muslim than his home. In Arabic the word for home is maskan. This is derived from the root word sukoon which means “peace”. Whether one lives in a simple dwelling or in a palatial home it is meant to give one peace. A palace is merely a house if there is no love or warmth and a shack can be home if the inhabitants live in peace and harmony and are a source of comfort and harmony for each other. Our most perfect Deen has taught us to transform houses into homes- emulate the most beautiful and noble Akhlaaq of Nabi (?) and uphold the social etiquette as taught to us by the Quraan and Sunnah.
  • As far as possible one should remain in ones home. The home is a place of peace for the believer. However, in order to make the home a sanctuary and place of peace, there has to be certain rules and regulations governing the home.
  • This book consists various aspects regarding living in a home and dealing with other household members.

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