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Rays of Radiance 2 volumes

Rays of Radiance 2 volumes

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Publisher: Uswatul Muslimah, Isipingo Beach,South Africa

About the book:

  • A collection of inspirational incidents from the lives of the pious.
  • From a primitive campfire to a simple paraffin lamp, and a halogen bulb to a LED headlight, man has always sought ways to dispel the darkness which he so dreads. Whether young or old, rich or poor, almost all people have an inherent fear of the dark. A person can be comfortably reclining on his couch yet when there is a power outage his heart rate quickens and he is overcome with a sense of panic. He knows full well that he is in the safety of his home yet the blanket of darkness hugs him and stifles his senses.
  • The reason is that darkness represents and the unknown. Accordingly darkness has always been associated with ignorance and misguidance, while light has always symbolized guidance and understanding. As we draw closer to Qiyaamah, it is evident that we are once again entering a dark age. The invitation to evil is overwhelming and the temptation to sin is almost irresistible. It is for this reason that we study the lives of the Sahabah, the Tabieen and our other pious predecessors, as reading the incidents of these saintly souls causes our hearts to become illuminated.
  • This is a compilation, entitled Rays of Radiance, which consists of stories of Inspirational Incidents. Each incident is like a ray of radiance that has the potential to dispel the darkness from our hearts leaving them illuminated and alive.

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