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Exploring the Animals of the Quran

Exploring the Animals of the Quran

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Publisher: Muslims at Work

Author: Moulana Afzal Ismail

About the book:

  • Animals are mentioned in the Quraan in various contexts. In many verses, Allah Taala draws man's attention to animals so that man may observe, study and reflect upon Allah Taala magnificence and power. For example, Allah Taala mentions milk and honey as products of the animal kingdom which point to Allah's Taala greatness. In some verses, animals are mentioned as bounties of Allah Taala to humanity for which man needs to express appreciation. For example, camels, horses and mules are used by man as conveyances and to transport goods. Other verses of the Quraan describe the diversity and beauty of the animal kingdom. For example, Allah Taala states that amongst people, creatures and animals there is a variation of colour.
  • Allah Taala also mentions the existence of animal communities like those of human beings which are well-developed in their organisation and planning.
  • This book provides information about various animals mentioned in the Quraan. A translation and brief commentary of the verse which mentions the animal is provided together with some interesting facts about each animal. With ahaadith, stories and colourful images, this book should be an enlightening read for anyone interested in animals.

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