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Natural Home Remedies For All

Natural Home Remedies For All

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Publisher: Jamiatul Ulama Talimi Board,South Africa

About the book:

  • Natural Home Remedies For All is a valuable booklet filled with tried and tested recipes that offer natural solutions for various ailments. Compiled by the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) Talimi Board, this book presents a collection of remedies that have proven beneficial through practical experience.
  • The author acknowledges the wisdom of old people and emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledge beyond what is found in books. Drawing from the teachings and advice of Marhoom Hakeem Yusuf Molvi (rahimahullah), the book encourages readers to learn from the experiences of knowledgeable individuals rather than relying solely on theoretical knowledge.
  • The remedies shared in this booklet are based on practical applications and have been tested over time. However, it is important to exercise caution when using any ingredient that one is unsure of. If there are concerns about the suitability or potential harm of a particular ingredient, it is recommended to consult with a qualified Hakeem (traditional healer). Additionally, if no improvement is observed, seeking guidance from a Hakeem is advised.
  • It offers an alternative approach to healing, promoting the use of natural methods over conventional medication, which can be expensive and may have harmful side effects. By harnessing the power of natural remedies, individuals can empower themselves to address common health issues and support their well-being.

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